Sayona SHT-1264BT 15000 Watts 3.1Ch Tallboys Subwoofer

Sayona SHT-1264BT Tallboys Subwoofer

Blaze your living room to life with this stylish Sayona subwoofer. This subwoofer is designed for an extreme entertainment for music lovers to enjoy quality sounds with clarity. Make your living room to be a real theater with Sayona subwoofers with an earth shaking bass.

Place your order for this Sayona SHT-1264BT Tallboys Subwoofer from Hi-Res World and have it delivered to your doorstep or convenient location at a pocket friendly price.


 Sayona SHT-1264BT Tallboys Subwoofer

  • 15,000 Watts Maximum Power Output.
  • 3.1 Speaker Channel.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection.
  • USB Music playback.
  • AUX Audio Input.
  • SD Card Music Playback.
  • High-tech multimedia.
  • Super FM Ready.
  • Amazing sound.
  • Super Bass Surround.
  • 1 year warranty.

 Sayona SHT-1264BT

  • Sayona SHT-1264 BT 15000W P.M.P.O subwoofer has great sound coupled with an amazing super bass surround with great music experience.
  • The subwoofer will definitely elevate entertainment enthusiasts’ listening experience as it delivers output sound with unmatched quality.
  • Furthermore, Sayona SHT-1264BT tallboys subwoofer brings an eccentric music experience to your home theatre system. The subwoofers handles the speed, detail, as well as variation of certain music.
  • In many systems, when you play loud music, the woofers in the speakers can have trouble keeping up with the mid drivers and tweeters but Sayona subwoofers play effortlessly and without any distortion.
  • Sayona subwoofers reveal sounds the speakers cannot reproduce and so you cannot miss a note. You will also be able to feel the lowest notes from instruments like the guitar, kick drum as well as pipe organ.
  • Bring your living room to life with this stylish SHT-1264BT subwoofer with medium range tall boy speakers for the best quality sound in a neat as well as a compact unit.
  • It can be easily arranged to match your living room design and give it a classy look at the same time make your home the party zone and the place to be for all your pals.
  • One great feature that comes with this subwoofer is the bluetooth function that allows you to play your favorite music from any bluetooth device.

What’s in the box

  • Sayona SHT-1264BT Tallboys Subwoofer.
  • Remote Control.
  • User Guide / Manual.
  • 3.5mm Y-Aux Cable.
  • Aerial Antenna.


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